There is solace and comfort when accompanied by a loving and compassionate companion.

One of the comforting aspects of everyday life is the reassurance and security that comes with a companion. Having someone to confide in and rely on can make the tribulations of life a little easier to bear. That is why we offer companionship services for individuals who need care and assistance.

Our companionship services are geared towards individuals who struggle performing everyday tasks on their own because of a chronic illness, injury, restricted mobility, and old age. Companionship will ensure that the patient will have someone they can rely on.

Our companionship services include:

  • Assisting with everyday tasks
  • Accompanying the patient to medical appointments
  • Encouraging patients to engage in recreational activities
  • Help monitor patient’s medication schedule
  • Comforting the patient
  • Supervising and assisting the patient when they move around